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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Old Book & Paper Show

The 2016 edition of The Old Book & Paper Show happened two days ago at Wychwood Barns. This was my second visit to the show, and it seemed that this year there were more postcard vendors than last. Otherwise, you still had exhibitors of books, magazines, comics, memorabilia, photographs, etc.

The man with the boxes of cheap paperbacks was there again this year, and I came away with the following from his table. Most of these are prime "Gee Whiz G-Man" material to be read and reviewed for this blog in the future:

Jerry Sohl: The Time Dissolver
Roger Fuller: Burke’s Law - Who Killed Madcap Millicent?
Paul Brickhill: Escape or Die
Sax Rohmer: Nude In Mink
John Buchan: Mountain Meadow
Cornell Woolrich: Deadline at Dawn
Dorothy B. Hughes: Ride the Pink Horse
Sax Rohmer: Return of Sumuru
Dorothy B. Hughes: The Bamboo Blonde
Edgar Wallace: The Clue of the New Pin
Peter Cheyney: The Stars Are Dark
Jack Webb: The Bad Blonde
Elizabeth Sax Rohmer: Bianca in Black
William P. McGivern: The Crooked Frame
Sax Rohmer: The Fire Goddess
William P. McGivern: Killer on the Turnpike

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